Saturday, September 4, 2010

Students, Babies, and more...

Sometimes there is too much going on in my head I can't seem to focus! For example: School. With my classroom being a mess until two weeks before school started and not entirely complete until the first day, I felt unorganized. I am one who needs my surroundings together before I can plan for the kids first days. Then I didn't have computer access until the day before school started and of course the printer didn't work. UG! Craziness. I was also up to my ears in technology classes, which were good if I had something to work on in class!
Then, the best wrinkle of all...Annie went into labor on Aug 27. She hasn't blogged her story and since it is hers, I'll wait. Suffice to say, her baby, my new grandbaby Ali born on August 28, just two days before school started, is perfect! I am in love with Ali and I am love watching my daughter love her baby.

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