Monday, September 6, 2010

Amazing Ali

I've done and seen some interesting things in my life. I've walked on the Great Wall of China, stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon at sunset, stayed at a Buddhist monastery, sat in front of the famous Torii Gates at Miyajima Island, zip lined in Mexico, and been to seven states to watch my son in baseball, but August 28, beat all. I participated, helped, saw, and became speechless as my daughter Annie, gave birth to her daughter Alice Blyth Dumond.

Josh called us about 5ish August 27 to say Annie was in labor. About time! We zipped over to find Annie, Josh, and Jordan timing contractions. Annie leaned on all of us during contractions or we rubbed her thighs to relieve pressure, we walked the neighborhood, and finally went to the hospital. A three car caravan to Evergreen, we got Annie settled in with a wonderful nurse, Shirley, and began the sit and wait game. We laughed, cried, visited with friends and family, and loved each other.

Annie was so beautiful! In the jacuzzi tub she let the warm water soothe her aches, or standing, naked, she would sway back and forth through pain turning her focus inward to breathe through contractions, her skin glowing and pink. Later, Ed and Annie leaned into each other and touched foreheads as her epidural was administered. It sounds crazy, but it was an amazing moment as he held her tenderly; epidural buddies. Josh was right by Annie the whole time and if she couldn't see him, she yelled, "Where's Dumond? I have to see Dumond!"

I got to hold Annie's legs as she pushed and cheer her on. I saw baby Ali's  head as it crowned full of goop and meconium and it was incredible, amazing! Baby Ali was a messy little cone head, but to me a gift. As Ali was placed on Annie's chest, my heart stopped for a minute.  Baby Ali is Josh and Annie's, but loved by so many! I think mostly by me. I am the gramma. I already love this little peach of a girl so much with her black hair in back and cul-de-sac in front, her quivering little lip when she's about to cry, and her strong little neck muscles that have her holding up her little head just like her mama did.

Annie gave her dad and I the biggest gift ever. She and Josh invited us to be a part of the birth. Annie pushed Ali out at 1:30 am when she and Josh's lives changed forever. 

To watch Annie give birth was a gift, but to watch her become a mama is beyond words. I so love my girls.

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Annie said...

I love you mama!! Thank you for sharing this. What a perfect day it was when Ali entered our world.