Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gramma Loses Time in Class

Today Annie and Josh brought Ali to room 17 at North Bend Elementary. My classroom. Her first day in school. I introduced them all to my class who 'oohed' and 'ahhed' over Ali. A proper response. They will all pass fourth grade!

An interesting thing happened in class.  As I held my little grand-baby time seemed to stop. As I stared at her all peripheral noise was gone. No one else was in my sight lines. Just her.  I could see her faint little eyebrows, the few eyelashes she has, the perfect bow of her lip, and the hint of red-blond highlights in the tips of her hair. The perfect canvas of her skin. I was hyper-focused on Ali. I'm not sure how many seconds or minutes passed. I"m not sure I care, but is this normal? The 21 kids in my class could have made a giant pig pile or all ran out screaming and I'm not sure I would have noticed. Don't tell my principal!

Just before I led them up to lunch, one darling little boy asked if Ali was a girl or boy. Out loud, and with a smile on my face,  I asked him if he noticed the totally pink outfit Ali was wearing. I'm sure he didn't notice it was Juicy Couture! Now while it's true that not all baby girls wear pink and some wear blue, few boy babies are dressed in pink with frills on their fanny! He laughed too when he realized what he asked!

I didn't want my lunch time to end (what teacher does?).  I did shove some food into my mouth while Ali ate too, but I really wanted to just continue being Gramma. But, poof, I had to turn back into Mrs. Billington. Dang it.

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